Tales of the Curious and Unexplained:

Black Dog

A black dog is seen with his paw on the doorknob.
One of my favorite stories my mother told us was about a stray black dog.

The dog showed up one day and would not let anyone close to him. The dog would just sit and watch with a cold stare as if to study them. He never come too close and gave everyone a creepy feeling; that they couldn't seem to shake off.

One night everone was sleeping and my uncle, who always slept with his arm stickicking straight out, woke up because he felt like something brushed his arm . Assuming it was his brother going to the bathroom he went back to sleep, but the next morning he comfronted his brother who said he didn't get out of bed. No one in the house got out of bed.

Then one day they come home and the dog was standing on the front door with its paw on the knob like he was about to open it. As soon as it saw them he ran off and was never seen again.
Written By: Era S.
Illustrated by: Kera S.